Tour Destination Country Duration Tour Description Departure
Arctic Christmas Finland, Norway 13 days Christmas in Lapland plus an exploration of northern Norway & Finland 14 Dec 2018
Christmas at Santa's Home Town Finland 5 days Christmas at Rovaniemi, Finland 23 December 2019
Christmas at the Arctic Circle Finland 5 days Christmas fun in Rovaniemi 23 December 2018
Christmas in Reykjavik Iceland 4 days Experience Christmas in Iceland's charming capital city 23 December 2018
Highlights of the Baltics New Year The Baltics 8 days Best of the Baltics with New Year in Riga 28 Dec
In Search of Santa Finland 4 or 5 days Pre-Christmas Visit to Santa Nov + Dec 2018
Seven Nights of Christmas Finland 8 days Extended Christmas in Rovaniemi, Finland 20 Dec 2019
White Christmas Finland 7 days Spend a white Christmas in wonderful Lapland 20 Dec 2018