Adventure in South Greenland

Hiking, glacier trek, boat around the icecap & more
15 days
Jul - Sep
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An amazing adventure through South Greenland! This tour offers some extraordinary experiences including a trek in the tundra, an unforgettable excursion on Greenland’s ice sheet and hiking the biggest and most beautiful mountains and granite walls in Greenland - Ketil and Ulamertorssuaq. Situated in Tasermiut fjord, these are one of the ten wonders of the entire, Arctic region.

Navigate among fjords, icebergs, blocks of ice and spectacular glacier fronts. Visit Narsaq and Nanortalik cities, the most picturesque settlements - Tasiusaq, Igaliko, Sardloq and Qassiarsuk. Bathe in Uunartoq’s warm springs and relish in the breathtaking beauty of icebergs on the cold, fjord waters. Watch magnificent night skies, see whales, seals and caribou. Go fishing for arctic salmon and cod, and pick mussels, mushroom and blueberries. Visit the best Inuit and Viking ruins - Brattahlid and Gardar, meet local Inuit people and enjoy a journey to the unexplored secrets of Greenland, one of the last frontiers of the modern world.

Day 1 Copenhagen or Reykjavik - Narsarsuaq: Qaleraliq Camp
Make your own way to the airport for your flight from Reykjavik (Keflavik International Airport) or Copenhagen to Narsarsuaq.
Welcome reception at the airport and preparation of equipment before we set off for Qaleraliq camp, navigating along Tunulliarfik fjord among numerous icebergs, arriving at a cosy, enchanting camp set on a sandy beach, which contrasts with a spectacular view of two glacier fronts from Qaleraliq’s glacier. We  spend the night at the camp, allowing our senses to enjoy the unbelievable views and the thunderclap roar of the icefall from seracs. 3 nights at Qaleraliq Camp with accommodation in Domo tents.

Day 2 Qaleraliq Camp: Ascent for Panoramic Views of the Ice Cap
After enjoying breakfast in front of the glaciers, we hike through a unique desert like sand valley, into a surprisingly different landscape of green, thick tundra. After passing Tasersuatsiaq great lake. After passing the lake, we climb 400m to the mountain's top, from which we will have a mesmerising view of the lake, one of the largest in Southern Greenland. The summit also offers a very special viewing point for the inland ice, the immense inland glacier. From here you can gaze upon the infinite ice sheet up to the north coast of the island and towards the Arctic Ocean, and see the Nunataks, floating landmarks on the ice sheet. We may pick mushrooms and blueberries, and look for caribou, which are plentiful in the area. In the afternoon, we return to the Glacier Camp. 

Day 3 Qaleraliq Camp: Glacier fronts and excursion on ice
We navigate along the glacier fronts on a RIB boat, admiring the beauty of their vertical walls, ice walls and numerous icebergs as we approach them along their more than 10km descent to the sea.
From there we start the ice excursion. An impressive trek using crampons (organised to be suitable for all travellers) on one of the planet's oldest masses of ice. We will explore its crevasses, drains, caves, seracs and other ice formations, which give an incredible, labyrinthine quality to this glacier, with the assitance of an expert mountain guide. A unique experience, exciting and original, surprising both first-time comers and those used to the peculiarities of the glacier world. One of the most impressive sights and one of the best excursions in all Greenland. In the afternoon, we return to the Glacier Camp. 

Day 4 Narsaq Town
Transfer by boat to Narsaq, the third most populated town in South Greenland, with about 1500 inhabitants. This evening, free time to explore on your own the museum,  the fur shops, the church and enjoy a drink with the local people. Overnight in Narsaq in hostel

Day 5 Narsaq - Saarloq - Uunartoq Island: Thermal springs
We will sail today through the outer skerries to the village of Saarloq, a picturesque village where we make a short stop to take a look around. In the afternoon, we set off for Uunartoq, through a complex system of fjords, surrounded by icebergs. On our way to Uunartoq Island, we pass Alluitsup Paa, a pretty settlement and the best spot for whale spotting in South Greenland. In the afternoon, enjoy some free time to bathe in the warm springs, the only thermal springs to which access is possible in Greenland, with icebergs floating only 500 metres away in the fjord.  Overnight on Uunartoq Island with accommodation in tents.

Day 6 Uunartoq Island - Tasermiut fjord:Tasiusaq & Trek to Kuusuaq River Camp
Transfer by boat to Tasermiut Fjord, a remote and breathtaking place on the southern tip of Greenland, where few travellers arrive except for a few climbers. We navigate along Kuusuaq river, after one stop at Tasiusaq, a picturesque Inuit village with 80 inhabitants. A tragic historical landmark which reflects how hard life was in this country decades ago. All the inhabitants of this village starved to death some 140 years ago and it was not until the 1930's that the village was re-populated by descendants and families of the original inhabitants. Spectacular scenery surrounded by mountains. Enjoy a trek to the mouth of Kuusuaq River, the most popular salmon river in South Greenland, then walk in a truly alpine background to Tasersuaq Lake. 2 nights at Kuusuak River Camp with accommodation in tents

Day 7 Tasermiut Camp: Big walls and Tasermiut Glacier
Navigation to Tasermiut glacier, along the fjord of the same name. During the journey we will discover three impressive mountains - Ketil, Ulamertorssuaq and Tinitertuup – up to the borders of the glacier, a glacier with a 1,400 metres drop from the plateau to the fjord in barely three kilometres, which turns the glacier into a spectacular, mighty ice waterfall. Here we see huge Ulamertorsuaq, one of the largest and steepest walls in the world, exceeding even “Capitán” in Yosemite. This is a place where climbers attempting the big walls in the region gather, and this fjord is known as as one of the ten Arctic wonders. 3 nights at the camp with accommodation in tents.

Day 8 Tasermiut fjord: Nalumasortoq hike
Moderate walk up to the base of the glacier in the amazing granite mass of Nalumasortoq, whose extremely smooth twin walls are highly cherished by climbers in South Greenland.
From this viewing point we see the south face of the Ketil and the north face of the Ulamertorssuaq, together with many other unnamed walls, as well as alpine and glacial landscapes and incredibly beautiful sights. Fishing and picking mussels, mushrooms and blackberries may be possible near the camp, which also offers a fantastic view to the west face of tUlamertorssuaq as the sun set strikes the rock with the last rays of sun.

Day 9 Tasermiut fjord: Ulamertosuaq
Today we trek up to the base of the Ulamertorssuaq wall, rated the best Arctic "Bigwall" and one of the best ten climbing walls in the world, and a mountain of unique, singular beauty, astonishing wall and glaciers.

Day 10 Ulamertosuaq - Nanortalik
Navigation in RIB boats to Nanortalik, the southernmost town of Greenland, which has some 2,300 inhabitants and is the second most populated town in the south. Visit the Museum of Inuit Culture and Traditions, the  museum and explore the town - go shopping, explore the hunters market, go to a restaurant or have a drink in a town 'where there are polar bears' – the meaning of its name –  which still remains isolated by ice for a considerable part of the year. It is possible to join a guided tour of the town and surroundings. Overnight in Nanortalik  in hostel.

Day 11 Nanortalik - Alluitsup Paa - Qaqortoq
Transfer by boat to Alluitsup Paa, a picturesque small hunting and fishing village located in front of the open sea. We walk around and visit, then continuing later to Qaqortoq, founded in 1775, now with almost 300 souls and one of the most charming villages in Greenland. Time to walk around town, where we will discover the beauty of its colourful buildings, the awe inspiring landscapes and some of 30 different rock sculptures. In the afternoon see the museum, fur shops, traditional kayak club and more. Overnight in Qaqortoq in hostel.

Day 12 Qaqortoq - Igaliku  - Qoorooq Ice Fjord - Qassiarsuk 
By boat to Itilleq, from where we start the hike on  the Kings’ Way to Igaliku. We visit Archbishopric Gardar’s ruins, the religious capital of the Vikings. On the way to Qassiarsuk, we visit Qoorooq Fjord and see what probably is the most spectacular glacier in the South of Greenland.
We navigate among the blocks of ice, until the density of ice is such that we can no longer continue. Enjoy the wonderful sight of ice floating around you! Overnight in hostel.

Day 13 Qassiarsuk  - Tasiusaq and Sermilik, the “Bay of Icebergs”
Walk to Tasiusaq farm, where seven people live in notable isolation next to Sermilik fjord, which is almost always blocked by the ice from icebergs coming from Eqaloruutsit glacier. Later we may go fishing for arctic salmon, or take a walk in the region.
An optional kayak excursion in 'Iceberg Bay' is offered. On the way back, we can also walk around Qassiarsuk, old Brattahlid, where Eric the Red settled when he started Greenland’s colonisation back in 985. Overnight in Tasiusaq or Qassiarsuk with accommodation in hostel.

Day 14 Tasiusaq  - Flower Valley and Kiattut Glacier  Narsarsuaq
We cross to Narsarsuaq on a RIB boat, then walk through the Flower Valley, enjoying the spectacular view of a valley formed due to the glacier retreat and the consequent glacial sedimentation, with an abundance of flowers. We  walk until we can see Kiattut glacier and the landscape around it, with a superb panoramic view of the ice sheet and its Nunataks. This is probably the most renowned vista in all Greenland.In the evening enjoy a farewell dinner, with typical Greenlandic products such as  whale, seal, caribou, and mattak. Overnight in  hostel.

Day 15 Narsarsuaq  - Copenhagen or Reykjavik 
Transfer by boat to Narsarsuaq. Time to walk around in the area and visit the local museum, before the return flight from Narsarsuaq to Reykjavik  or Copenhagen. On arrival at the Copenhagen or Keflavik International airport, your tour arrangements end.

2018 departures from Reykjavik: 03, 14, 31 July; 14, 18 August; 01 September

2018 departures from Copenhagen: 03, 31 July; 14 August

Group size: 08-12 persons

Includes: Return flight Reykjavik or Copenhagen-Narsarsuaq, airport taxes and fees, English-speaking guide, transfers in Greenland as mentioned, accommodation in tents and hostels for 14 nights, meals on a full board basis whilst staying in tents, entrance to the “Museum of Inuit Culture and Traditions” in Nanortalik, Guided visit to Brattahlid reconstructions, Ice-walk excursion, camping and RIB boat travel equipment. 

Excludes:  optional kayak excursion, dinner when staying in the towns of Nanortalik, Narsaq and Qaqortoq, lunch on arrival and departure days.

Please note this is a unique journey, designed to maximise adventure and discovery. Thus, the route may be done as above or in different order. Greenland is the wildest country in the northern hemisphere, infrastructures are almost non-existent and logistics pose challenges, so the itinerary is subject to change and some activities can be cancelled because of weather or ice conditions. As locals say, “The weather is Boss in Greenland”! 

Activities such as putting up tents in camp or taking them down, making lunch etc are shared by all guests and guides. Hostel accommodation is in shared rooms with shared bathroom facilities. Camps have no electricity, running water or bathroom facilities.

                                     Nordic Travel is 100% Australian owned and operated

Price per person FROM:
Double AUD$ 5131.00

The price shown here is for the tour with departures from Keflavik Airport, Iceland 

Includes: Flight Keflavik - Narsarsuaq and return, airport taxes and fees, English speaking guide, transfers in Greenland as specified in this programme, accommodation in tents and hostels for 14 nights, meals on a full board basis whilst staying in tents, entrance to the “Museum of Inuit Culture and Traditions” in Nanortalik, Guided visit to Brattahlid reconstructions, Ice-walk excursion, camping and RIB boat travel equipment.

Price per person FROM:
Double AUD$ 5636.00

The price shown here is for the tour with departures from Copenhagen

Includes: Flight Copenhagen-Narsarsuaq and return, airport taxes and fees, English speaking guide, transfers in Greenland as specified in this programme, accommodation in tents and hostels for 14 nights, meals on a full board basis whilst staying in tents, entrance to the “Museum of Inuit Culture and Traditions” in Nanortalik, Guided visit to Brattahlid reconstructions, Ice-walk excursion, camping and RIB boat travel equipment.

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