Greenland tour "Ilulissat, Images of Ice"

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Ilulissat Ice Fjord, West Greenland
4 or 5 days
Jun - Aug
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This tour is the perfect introduction to the beauty of Arctic nature and to Inuit culture. Stay in Ilulissat, the town of the icebergs, a wonderful place with dramatic views of the World Heritage Site of Ilulissat Ice Fjord. Here you can experience both traditional Inuit culture and modern life north of the Polar Circle. Your tour arrangements include return flights, accommodation, airport transfers in Greenland and a guided tour of the town. To this you can add some great optional excursions including cruises on the Icefjord and to Eqi Glacier, visits to small hunters settelments, whale watching and more. 

Choose from tours of 4 or 5 days. The itinerary shown below is for the 4 day tour.  The 5 day tour has one more day at leisure in Ilulissat.

Day 1 Reykjavik - Ilulissat: Guided Town Tour and Welcome Meeting
Make your own way to the airport for your flight to Ilulissat. On arrival in Ilulissat, meet your guide and transfer to your hotel, for an information meeting and briefing, followed by a short, guided town walk. Your guide will tell you about the history of Ilulissat and you will visit the old part of town and see buildings from the very start of the Danish trading era, as well as the busy fishing harbour, the old church and the museum. Then enjoy a welcome dinner at the hotel. 3 nights in Ilulissat.

Days 2 and 3 llulissat: Days at Leisure
Today and tomorrow there is time for you to explore Ilulissat on your own or you can join one of the great guided optional excursions offered as follows:

Walk to the Icebergs of Sermermiut: Travel by bus as far as the road goes then enjoy a beautiful guided walk along the UNESCO designated Ilulissat Ice Fjord to Sermermiut, where traces from the 3 old Inuit cultures can still be seen. Sermermiut is a fertile valley next to the Ice Fjord and here you can enjoy the flowers as well as the fantastic icebergs. Light refreshments are included. 3hrs.

Sunset Cruise Amongst the Icebergs: Tonight enjoy a midnight cruise amongst the icebergs. The midnight sun and the warm red colours reflecting in the gigantic icebergs is a fantastic sight. Cruise between the icebergs and enjoy a late drink on "the real rocks" ! The cruise includes light refreshments. 3hrs.

Old hunter's Settlement of Rodebay: travel by boat to the small settlement Oqaatsut, also known as Rodebay, with a local population of less than 40 people, largely dependent on fishing and hunting - a quite different world compared to that of Ilulissat. Oqaatsut in Greenlandic means " the cormorants" and the village was then named Rodebay by Dutch whalers in the 18th century. The settlement is about 20km north of Ilulissat on a little peninsula facing the island of Disko. Your tour includes lunch. 6hrs

Old hunter's Settlement of Ilimanaq: travel by boat to the small settlement  of Ilimanaq, situated just south of Kangia Ice Fjord. The settlement was founded around 1741 and the current population is approx 80 inhabitants. The boat tour to Ilimanaq itakes you among the massive icebergs that lie at the mouth of the Ilulissat icefjord. Your tour includes lunch. 6hrs

Home Visit: Come join a local family for a cup of coffee. The Greenlanders are famous for welcoming visitors into their homes, inviting everyone over for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. The latest gossip is shared, and it will also be possible to see the national costume and learn about life so very isolated from the rest of the world. 2 hrs.

Cruise to Eqi Glacier: cruise in front of the 5 km wide glacier. The Eqi Glacier is very active so we hope for the unique sight of an iceberg “delivery”! This area is also an excellent place for spotting whales and hopefully the gentle giants of the sea will put in an appearance. Lunch included. 6-7hrs.

Visit the Huskies: Ilulissat is a dog sledding area in winter and the dogs in town are very happy to have summer visitors! Join in the feeding of a family of dogs; their owner will demonstrate the sledding equipment and tell you all about the lives of the sled dogs in Greenland. 1hr.

Whale Safari: cruise into the Disko Bay to spot whales- humpback whales come to the Disko Bay to feed on capelin, a small herring-like fish and as they are a protected species, the whales are very trusting and can often be seen at very close range. A packed lunch is included. 5hrs.

Hike the Cecily Trail: Discover the different Arctic plants and beautiful icebergs floating in the Disko Bay on this guided full-day hike along the coast. Your guide tells you about the Cecily trail, named after an annual run from Rodebay to Ilulissat, used both by locals and for dog sledding in winter. Packed lunch included. Please note you have to be in good physical shape to participate in this medium level hike. 8hrs.

Sightseeing by plane 35 or 45 minutes or 1 hour: This unforgettable tour offers a flight in a 5-seat aircraft cruising in low altitude over the Ilulissat area. Window seats are guaranteed. Minimum 4 persons.

Kayaking: Try your hand at kayaking with a local instructor. Kayaking has been a vital way of hunting in the Arctic for centuries and this tour will give you the opportunity to navigate amongst the icebergs like an Inuit hunter! No previous experience needed as your instructor will be with you at all times. All equipment and clothing and lunch included. 6hrs inc 2hrs kayaking and transfers.

Evening Kayaking: witness the overwhelming beauty of the icebergs coming from the Ilulissat Icefjord, under the light of the midnight sun, as you paddle nearby. No previous experience needed as your local instructor will be with you at all times. 3hrs.

Day 4 Ilulissat - Reykjavik
Breakfast at the hotel. Then have a farewell coffee at the hotel with your guide before your transfer to the airport for your flight from Ilulissat back to Reykjavik. On arrival at the airport there, your tour arrangements end.

2018 departures:
4 days from Reykjavik:  Tuesdays 05 June - 28 August; Wednesdays 06 June - 22 August; and Saturdays 02 June - 25 August 
5 days from Reykjavik: Tuesdays 05 June - 21 September 

Includes: Return flights Reykjavik - Ilulissat, airport transfers in Greenland, accommodation at Hotel Arctic or similar in standard rooms with private facilities and daily breakfast, welcome and farewell meetings, guided town walk on arrival day, welcome and farewell dinners at the hotel.   

Excludes: optional excursions, airport transfers in Iceland

Please note the tour costs are based upon a certain package price class on the included flights. If this class has sold out, the final price may be higher and will depend upon the availability of other classes at the time of booking. Flights may depart from / return to Keflavik International Airport or Reykjavik Domestic Airport in Iceland.

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Price per person FROM:
Double AUD$ 3484.00
Single AUD$ 3886.00

Includes: Return flights Reykjavik - Ilulissat, airport transfers in Greenland, 3 nights accommodation at Hotel Arctic or similar in standard rooms with private facilities and daily breakfast, welcome and farewell meetings, guided town walk on arrival day, welcome and farewell dinners at the hotel.   

The prices shown here are for the 4 day tour.


Price per person FROM:
Double AUD$ 3859.00
Single AUD$ 4395.00

Includes: Return flights Reykjavik - Ilulissat, airport transfers in Greenland, 4 nights accommodation at Hotel Arctic or similar in standard rooms with private facilities and daily breakfast, welcome and farewell meetings, guided town walk on arrival day, welcome and farewell dinners at the hotel.  

The prices shown here are for the 5 day tour.

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