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Spitsbergen (Svalbard)
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The largest and only permanently populated island of north of mainland Norway, Spitsbergen or Svalbard is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean, as well as the Norwegian and Greenland Seas. While cruising in the summertime, there is a good chance to see wildlife including whales, walrus, polar bears, reindeer, Arctic fox, and many birds. Travel across the barren tundra to see spectacular fjords, isolated islands and icy mountains. In winter enjoy the vast ice fields - try snowmobiling, dog sledding or search for the Northern Lights.

Explore this unique and remote country on an escorted tour, or independently with your travel and accommodation arrangements all booked for you, and the assistance of local guides on daily excursions.

Tours to Spitsbergen (Svalbard)



Tour Touring Category Duration Tour Description Departure
Adventure Week Escorted 7 Days Kayaking, glacier climbing and hiking from Longyearbyen Jul - Sep
Arctic Luxury Escorted, Northern Lights 4 days Snowmobile to a remote boutique hotel in the wilderness Feb - May
Arctic Magic Independent 4 or 5 days Adventure to Spitsbergen & beautiful Isfjord Radio Jul - Sep
Introduction to Spitsbergen: Winter Independent , Northern Lights 4 days Explore from Longyearbyen with great day excursions Feb - May