Grand Swedish Cruise

Historic Gota Canal cruise from Stockholm to Gothenburg or vv
6 days
May - Sep
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Constructed in the early 19th Century, the historic & charming Gota Canal links Stockholm & Gothenburg. Cruise on the elegant small vessel M/S Diana - the boat travels by day, so that each night is spent peacefully moored. Enjoy the passing scenery of lakes, birch forests & fields as you travel in old fashioned yet comfortable style. Travel from Stockholm to Gothenburg or vv.

The Canal was built in 1823 and was one of the biggest construction projects ever in Sweden. Measuring 190 km in length, with 58 locks, the canal stretches from Sjötorp on Lake Vänern to Mem on the Baltic. Of that distance, 87 km is man-made. Experience this unique canal on this leisurely cruise.

Day 1     Stockholm - Trosa
Make your own way to the wharf.
09:30     Time to board
10.00     Departure from Stockholm, Skeppsbrokajen 103
10.30     Hammarby Lock: The first lock on our journey divides Saltsjön from Lake Mälaren.
10.45     Lake Mälaren: now we are 0.3 metres above sea level at Sweden’s third largest lake.
11.30     Drottningholm Palace: home of the Royal family since 1981 and a UNESCO World Heritage site.
13.40     Södertälje Lock: at 135 metres long, the largest lock in Scandinavia.
13.50     The Baltic Sea: into the archipelago of St Anna and Södermanland.
17.00     Trosa: small town dating from the 14th century. Walk the canals & alleys of Trosa.

Day 2    Stegeborg - Berg
01.15     Arrive Stegeborg for overnight stop.
09:00     Stegeborg: the Fortress here dates from the Middle Ages - enjoy a guided tour of the ruins.
11.00     Mem: here on 26th Sept. 1832, the Göta Canal was inaugurated. Pass the first of the 58 narrow locks.
13.00     Söderköping: An idyllic town founded in the early 1200s - time to explore on your own.
15.15     Duvkullen–Mariehov–Carlsborg: 8 locks within 2km - stretch your legs between the locks.
18.00     Lake Asplången: now we are 27 metres above sea level.
20.10     Norsholm Lock: here the canal crosses the main railway line Stockholm – Malmö.
20.20     Lake Roxen: now we are 33 metres above sea level.
22.20     Berg (Carl -Johan): the lock staircase has 7 connected locks; we dock at the bottom lock tonight.

Day 3    Berg - Motala
09.00     Depart Berg (Carl-Johan). Visit the church and convent ruins of Vreta, dating from about 1100.
11.40     Berg (Heda): by now the ship has passed all 15 locks in the Berg lock system.
12.00     Ljungsbro Aqueduct: the first of 2 aqueducts in the canal, built in 1970.
15.10     Kungs Norrby Aqueduct; the second, built in 1993 as part of the national route 36.
15.30     Borensberg: old hand-operated lock. Pass “Helmsman’s Horror”, and the Gota Hotel, built in 1908.
15.40     Lake Boren: now we are 73 metres above sea level.
16.40     Borenshult Lock: a  staircase of five locks where you might hear the nightingale sing.
18.20     Motala: here in 1822 an engineering works was established for the Canal. Visit the Motor Museum.

Day 4    Motala - Hajstorp
07.30     Leave Motala and head out into Lake Vättern, now we are 89 metres above sea level at Sweden’s second largest lake.
09.00     Vadstena: a charming little 14th century  town. Enjoy a guided tour to see the Abbey and the castle.
13.45     Karlsborg Fortress: pass Karlsborg we see the roof of the fortress, built in 1819-1909.
14.40     Forsvik: the lock here was built in 1813 and is the oldest one in the canal.
14.55     Billströmmen & Spetsnäs Canal: through 2 narrow, wood-lined passages into Lake Viken at 91.8m above sea level it serves as a water reservoir.
17.00     Tåtorp: another hand-operated lock. From here on we will be going downwards!
17.30     Berg Canal & Obelisk: marks the highest point (91.5 metres above sea level) of the Canal.
20.10     Töreboda: the railway line from Stockholm & Gothenburg crosses the canal here.
21.30     Hajstorp: a lock system consisting of four locks. 

Day 5    Hajstorp - Vanersborg
06.00     Depart Hajstorp- early birds can take a morning walk from Hajstorp to Godhögen, 1.5 km.
09.30     Sjötorp: a set of 8 locks, and the remains of old shipyards. Visit the Canal Museum.
11.40     Lake Vänern: at 44 metres above sea level, Sweden’s largest lake and the third largest in Europe.
15.30     Läckö Castle: built in 1298 as a bishop’s residence. Enjoy a guided tour of the castle.
22.00     Arrive in Vänersborg. 

Day 6    Vanersborg - Gothenburg
06.45    Depart Vänersborg
08.45    Trollhättan: visit the Trollhättan Canal Museum  or walk through the beautiful old lock area.
10.15    Trollhättan Locks: impressive lock staircase at Trollhättan with 4 locks and a total drop of 32 metres.
12.25    Lilla Edet : the lock here, built in 1916, is our last. The original lock was the first lock in Sweden.
16.00    Arrive in Gothenburg at Lilla Bommen, centrally located by the Barken Viking.

Departures 2020 Stockholm - Gothenburg: 21 May;   03, 16 (on request), 29 June;   11, 24 July;   6, 19, 22*, Aug;  02 Sep

Departures 2020 Gothenburg - Stockholm: 15, 28 May;   10, 23 June;   05, 18, 31 July;   13, 16*, 25 Aug

* These departures will be on board the M/S Wilhelm Tham.

Includes: Six days and five nights on board (at the quayside), full board and lodging – five breakfasts, six two-course lunches and five three-course dinners, excursions/sightseeing as in the programme

All cabins have bunk berths/beds. You can choose from the following cabin types:

Category A Bridge Deck - includes champagne and fruit on arrival, use of bathrobe - Double or Single
Category B Shelter Deck - Double or Single
Category C Main Deck - Double, Single, 'Queen' Double or 'Queen' Single (note, there are two cabins with a 120-cm wide Queen-size bed in category C)

Berths in double cabins cannot be booked by passengers travelling alone. Minimum age: 7yrs. Children must have their own bed. No child discount.

Cabin notes: Cabin sizes are comparable to a small sleeping compartment on a train and have bunk beds. All cabins are on the outside and above the waterline. There are 3 decks in order from the waterline up: Main deck with Category C cabins; Shelter deck with Category B cabins, (on the level you enter the boat on, with dining and lounge areas, and small library) and Bridge Deck with Category A cabins, accessed by a steep set of stairs, with the bar area. All cabins have a washbasin with hot and cold water. Shared toilet facilities are nearby on each deck. Shared shower facilities are nearby on Bridge Deck and Main Deck - when the door is closed there is complete privacy. There is no TV or radio onboard. There is on board WiFi.

For onboard expenses, only credit cards are accepted - no cash.

                                                  Nordic Travel is 100% Australian owned and operated

Price per person FROM:
Double AUD$ 3972.00
Single AUD$ 5964.00

The price shown is for the lowest cabin category "C" - for other cabin category prices please enquire

Includes: Six days and five nights on board (at the quayside), full board and lodging – five breakfasts, six two-course lunches and five three-course dinners, excursions/sightseeing as in the programme

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