Svalbard Odyssey

Cruises, Escorted
Small ship Expedition Cruise from Longyearbyen or Kirkenes
11 or 13 Days
07 July, 18 Aug 2021
General Prices

11 Days: 22 June – 02 July 2020

11 Days: 02 – 12 July 2020

13 Days: 07 - 19 July 2021

13 Days: 18 - 30 August 2021

Revel in the diversity of the Svalbard Island and sail into the kingdom of the polar bear. We explore the coastline, with no open sea crossings, against a backdrop of spectacular glacier covered peaks. We discover deep fjords in the West; mysterious, fossil-rich desert plains in the east; and best of all, seals and whales in the Arctic pack ice. This voyage offers the best chance for seeing reindeers and polar bears, and features wildflower walks across sweeping tundra, trapper camps and historic sites. On foot and by Zodiac, we visit abandoned whaling settlements, search for walrus, arctic fox and reindeer and observe millions of migratory birds, including little auks, guillemots and puffin. 

Expedition Highlights:
-Sail along Spitsbergen’s glacier-filled coastline
-Almost 24-hours of exquisite Arctic sunlight
-Spot polar bears, walruses, ringed seals and more
-Abandoned whaling stations and trappers huts
-Photograph delicate Arctic tundra flowers
-Large colonies of auklets, guillemots and puffins

In true expedition style we encourage exploration and adventure, offering flexibility in challenging environments in a way that puts you among the action to see and do as much as possible. This itinerary is only a guide and subject to change due to ice and weather conditions.

Day 1 Longyearbyen Arrival
Group transfer from Longyearbyen airport and a guided tour of colourful Spitsbergen’ capital Longyearbyen en-route to the pier. Board the Greg Mortimer late afternoon.

Days 2 to 3 Magdalenefjorden
Wake up to spectacular alpine peaks and glacier valleys of Spitsbergen’s rugged West coast. In Magdalenefjorden we Zodiac cruise a safe distance from the aqua-blue ice cliffs of 14th July Glacier or Waggonway Glacier, and take long walks among Summer flowers, alert for reindeer and Arctic fox. Thanks to the nutrient-rich Gulf Stream and relatively mild temperatures, Atlantic puffins and guillemots fill the cliffs. We look for bearded seals, with their recious curling whiskers. We may visit the remains of a 350-year old Dutch whaling settlement on Amsterdam Island and learn of an ill-fated ballooning attempt over the North Pole.

Days 4 to 6 Moffen Island & Woodfjorden
Rounding Spitsbergen’s Northwest coast, we enter the Arctic Ocean and the world of pack ice. Ghostly beluga whales rise up in open leads and polar bears stalk ringed, bearded and harp seals. Offshore, walruses feed on clams or haul out on beaches, especially on Moffen Island, a walrus sanctuary. We visit trapper huts and stay alert for reindeer and Arctic fox. Delightful walks reveal delicious berries and some of the tundra’s 164 exquisite flowering plants including purple saxifrage, yellow spider plants and Svalbard poppies. If ice conditions allow, we attempt to cross latitude 80° north before turning south to Woodfjorden. We attempt to pass through narrow Hinlopen Strait, a channel flanked by austere, cream-coloured slopes rich in fossils between Spitsbergen and ice-capped Nordaustlandet. This polar desert is a landscape eroded by severe frost. Even in summer, pack ice could bar our way, but there is much to strive for. We Zodiac cruise beneath Alkefjellet, sheer basalt cliffs rising at more than 250 metres – literally buzzing with some 200,000 nests of Brunnich’s guillemots. During shore excursions, we seek eider ducks, Arctic foxes and the elusive Svalbard ptarmigan. As we pass Barentsøya and Edgeøya islands, we cross polar bear migration routes.

Days 9 to 10 Hornsund & Bellsund Fjords
This is true expedition cruising. If ice conditions allow, we round South Cape and sail north toward Hornsund and Bellsund, deep fjords home to stunning glaciers and wildlife. If ice bars our way, we simply adjust our itinerary, backtrack and delve deeper into the wonders of Spitsbergen’s North and West coasts.

Day 11 Longyearbyen OR Kirkenes Departure
If you are on the 11 day voyage, today you end with disembarkation in either Longyearbyen for overnight (02-03 July 2020) OR Kirkenes for overnight (12-13 July 2020).

NOTE: The 13 Day voyage operates as a longer version of the above itinerary beginning in Longyearbyen (07 July 2021) and ending in Kirkenes (19 July 2021); and in the reverse direction, beginning in Kirkenes (18 August 2021) and ending in Longyearbyen (30 August 2021).

Maximum number of passengers: 120

2020 departures: 22 June (Longyearbyen/Longyearbyen);   02 July (Longyearbyen/Kirkenes)
2021 departures: 07 July (Longyearbyen/Kirkenes);   18 August (Kirkenes/Longyearbyen)

Includes: onboard accommodation during voyage including daily cabin service; all meals, snacks, tea and coffee during voyage; beer, house wine and soft drinks with dinner; all shore excursions and Zodiac cruiseseducational lectures and guiding services from expedition team; access to onboard doctor and basic medical services; 3-in-1 waterproof polar expedition jacket; complimentary use of muck boots during the voyagecomprehensive pre-departure information; a printed photo book produced with photos from your voyagePort surcharges, permits and landing fees. 

Additional inclusions specific to 07 July 2021 departure: group transfer from Longyearbyen airport to pier (Day 1); pre-voyage group sightseeing tour upon arrival in Longyearbyen (Day 1); group transfer from pier to Kirkenes airport or downtown (Day 13); AIPP Grand Master of Photography Peter Eastway will be on board as a photography guide.

Additional inclusions specific to 18 August 2021 departure: half day tour or activity in Kirkenes prior to embarkation (Day 1); group sightseeing tour upon arrival in Longyearbyen followed by transfer to Longyearbyen airport (Day 13). Canon Master Richard l’Anson will be on board as a photography guide.

Excludes: optional activities; Longyearbyen Classic Break package; Kirkenes Classic Break package - please enquire. Also excludes anything else not shown as included in itinerary. Gratuities for crew will automatically be added to your on-board bill, please advise at the time of settlement if you would like this to be removed. 

Optional activities: The following activity packages are available on this expedition at an additional cost and may require previous experience. These must be pre-booked/pre-paid at time of booking.

Sea Kayaking in the far-flung corners of the world is an experience guaranteed to refresh your soul. Paddling in small groups, you'll glide between ice floes, brash ice and icebergs dotted with wildlife.

Photography FREE All of our expeditions and itineraries offer fantastic photography experiences. However, on selected expeditions, a photography expert will offer lectures and presentations.

About the vessel, Greg Mortimer
This 104m ship is purpose-built for expeditions to world-class polar standards and capable of negotiating strong winds/waves. Accommodating 100 landing passengers plus kayakers and divers (in the polar regions), with an average of 120 per voyage, the ship is not only bigger to contend with adverse weather conditions, but its added creature comforts make for a more enjoyable journey out on the open ocean.

Nordic Travel is 100% Australian owned and operated

Please note the price for this cruise varies according to your exact date of travel and choice of cabin. Please contact us for further details. 

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