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Spectacular Greenland

Round trip to Kangerlussuaq, Disko Island, Ilulissat, and Eqi
Qeqertarsuaq Disko Island, Greenland © Reinhard Pantke/Visit Greenland

Discover the diverse nature, wildlife and culture of Greenland. Start in Kangerlussuaq, where the Greenland ice sheet covers the ground as far as the eye can see. You get the opportunity to feel the cold in this icy realm as you marvel at the amazing views. Continue to Aasiaat, Greenland’s fourth largest town. Then two nights on Disko Island, a hikers’ paradise, where you stay in the town of Qeqertarsuaq, surrounded by steep basalt mountains and an abundance of plants and flowers. The adventure continues in the town of icebergs, Ilulissat, beautifully located at the shore of Disko Bay and next to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ilulissat Ice Fjord. Then further north to Glacier Lodge Eqi, where you will stay with a view of the enormous calving glacier. Along the way, knowledgeable and friendly local guides will make sure you see everything the area has to offer.


Day 1 Copenhagen - Kangerlussuaq

Make your own way to the airport for your Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq flight. The first sight of Greenland from the air is truly special! Check in at Hotel Kangerlussuaq, right next to the airport. After being welcomed by a local guide, excursion to the Ice Sheet Point 660 (5hrs), the second largest ice sheet in the world and covering 80 percent of Greenland. It is a truly unique experience to look at the enormous field of ice and feel the forces of nature. Along the way, pass the spectacular Russell Glacier – another breathtaking sight with its vertical ice wall of up to 60m. Overnight at Hotel Kangerlussuaq, located at Kangerlussuaq Airport.

Day 2 Kangerlussuaq - Aasiaat: Town Walk and Whale Safari

Flight from Kangerlussuaq to Aasiaat. On arrival in Aasiaat transfer to Hotel SØMA, located by the harbour. Guided town walk of Aasiaat, and Whale Safari among the Icebergs, 2hrs duration. Overnight in Aasiaat at Hotel SØMA.

Day 3 Aasiaat - Qeqertarsuaq, Disko Island: Guided Town Walk

Continue to the harbour and by boat to Disko Island. As you get closer to the island, you will see the majestic mountains, which rise a thousand meters from the surface of the ocean. At the top of the mountain, the giant glacier Sermersuaq is located, which cover the west side of Disko Island. After arriving in the small town of Qeqertarsuaq, you will be accommodated at the local hotel. Information meeting upon arrival, for an introduction to this rugged, yet stunning island. Qeqertarsuaq is the main town of Disko Island. With its various coloured houses, it has a very idyllic setting with the harbour and the mountains on one side and the coast and sea on the other. It is not uncommon to spot whales when strolling along the coast. Guided town walk, where you get an insight into the town’s old as well as more recent history. Two nights in Qeqertarsuaq at Hotel Disko.

Day 4 Qeqertarsuaq: Hike to Kuannit

Morning at leisure. Afternoon guided hike to Kuannit. Depart from the hotel, pass the Red River at the bridge and continue along the coast with a view of icebergs. At Kuannit, see how the lava has sprung up millions of years ago and then, during rapid cooling, has contracted and cracked into spectacular lava sculptures in the shape of basalt columns. The fauna at Kuannit is lush with a variety of flowers and Angelica plants. On the coastline, you will find a basalt stone shaped like an elephant drinking directly from the sea. 2nd overnight in Qeqertarsuaq.

Day 5 Qeqertarsuaq - Ilulissat: Guided Town Walk

Continue by boat to Ilulissat. Upon arrival in Ilulissat, you will be picked up by Hotel Arctic’s bus, and as you approach the hotel, you can enjoy the hotel’s location at the edge of the town, overlooking the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ilulissat Ice Fjord. Information meeting at the hotel. Enjoy a guided tour of the town; your guide will introduce you to a place where modern and traditional life meet and show you the old part of town, with buildings from the very start of the Danish trading station, as well as the busy fishing harbour, the old church and the museum. Stay the next three nights in Ilulissat at Hotel Arctic. Welcome dinner at the hotel tonight.

Day 6 Ilulissat: Hike to Sermermiut and Sail Among Icebergs

Today a guided light hike to Sermermiut; Sermermiut means "the glacier dwellers," and for more than 4,000 years, different Inuit cultures inhabited this fertile valley, about 1.5km from the centre of Ilulissat, where you can enjoy the wildflowers as well as the view of the magnificent icebergs. The hike is an easy one along a boardwalk and path. Evening boat excursion on Ilulissat Icefjord. The sun and the warm red colours reflecting on the gigantic icebergs is a fantastic sight as you cruise between the icebergs. 2nd overnight in Ilulissat.

Day 7 Ilulissat: Day at Leisure

Further time to explore Ilulissat on your own. Perhaps follow in the footsteps of Knud Rasmussen at the local museum and end your stay in Greenland with a shopping trip in the local stores and souvenir shops. Optional Adventure tour to Oqaatsut by boat for an active day with hiking, kayaking and lunch, duration 7hrs. 3rd overnight in Ilulissat.

Day 8 Ilulissat - Eqi Glacier - Glacier Lodge Eqi 

Early in the morning, travel north by boat to the fascinating Eqi Glacier, one of Greenland’s unique natural wonders. As we reach Eqi, the boat sails close to the impressive glacier front, where you may be lucky enough to witness small calvings. Afterward, go ashore at Glacier Lodge Eqi, located in the middle of nature with beautiful direct views of the glacier. Stay two nights in a small and cosy private Comfort Cabin - with full bathroom, shower, wash basin, flushable toilet and under floor heating. Two nights at Glacier Lodge Eqi.

Day 9 Glacier Lodge Eqi

Day at leisure or you can hike 4-5 hours from Glacier Lodge to the moraine at Eqi Glacier. The hike is not too difficult, but it is a bit hilly, and you should be prepared to cross a small river and then climb up the mountain a bit to get the right view of the board from the moraine edge. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get the most amazing view of the giant glacier. 2nd overnight at Glacier Lodge Eqi.

Day 10 Glacier Lodge Eqi - Ilulissat

Wake up to a fantastic glacier view yet again. Morning at leisure to explore the area a little more. After lunch, boat back to Ilulissat with arrival late in the early evening. Enjoy the passing scenery while looking out for whales. Fin whales and humpback whales, among other species are often spotted in this area. Check back in at Hotel Arctic Ilulissat for two nights and time at leisure.

Day 11 Ilulissat: Day at Leisure

Day at leisure in Ilulissat. Optional Ilimanaq Glacier Adventure by boat. Drive off-road ATVs to Tasiusaq Fjord, sail deeper into the fjord where two glaciers and the Greenland Ice Sheet can be seen, duration 10hrs. Overnight in Ilulissat.

Day 12 Ilulissat - Kangerlussuaq - Copenhagen

Bringing home a wealth of experiences from this amazing land, fly to Copenhagen via Kangerlussuaq, arriving at Copenhagen Airport in the evening. On arrival at Copenhagen Airport your arrangements end.

2024 departures: Mondays and Thursdays 17 June - 29 August


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