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Aurora Magic in Alta

Experience Northern Norway at Sorrisniva, the premium Arctic wilderness destination
Husky Alta, Norway © Visit Alta

Experience Norway's far North from the town of Alta, where the blue light of winter glows over the landscape. In the heartland of the ancient Sami people, enjoy a truly wonderful Arctic adventure. Search for the fabled Northern Lights, try your hand at dog-sledding and snowmobiling. Accommodation at Sorrisniva Arctic Wilderness Lodge and Igloo Hotel.


Day 1 Alta Arrival - Sorrisniva, Northern Lights Hunt

Upon arrival at Alta Airport, shared transfer to Sorrisniva. Sorrisniva offers guests a true Arctic experience with accommodation in the premium Arctic Wilderness Lodge and Igloo Hotel, renowned local cuisine and a wide range of nature experiences. Tonight you will stay in a River Room at the Arctic Wilderness Lodge, on the banks of the Alta River. Enjoy a 3-course dinner at LAVVU Restaurant.

Evening Northern Lights Hunt excursion. Depending on the weather guide will choose the best route to search the Aurora, sometimes following the coastline and maybe up to the Finnmark Plateau. The guide has knowledge about the Aurora, and can help you capture the best possible photos. Hear about the culture and history of Sorrisniva and Alta, and the Northern Lights. Enjoy the silence and the winter darkness.

Day 2 Sami Reindeer Sled Experience, Aurora Snowmobiling, Igloo Overnight

Enjoy breakfast in the iconic Lavvu restaurant, which represents the Sami tent design, and has a special ambiance creating a memorable dining experience. After breakfast check out, and store your luggage in the luggage room, as tonight you are going to sleep in the Igloo Hotel.

Your Sami guide will collect you from Sorrisniva and introduce you to your reindeer who will pull your sled through the local wilderness. The sled is designed for two persons to sit side by side on reindeer skins. Stop at the Sami’s lavvu (tepee-like tent) where you sit on reindeer skins around the fire and hear stories about Sami culture before continuing the sledding back to Sorrisniva. After reindeer sledding, enjoy a 2-course lunch at LAVVU Restaurant.

Aurora Hunt by Snowmobile. Before setting off, a brief guided tour of the Igloo Hotel. Combine the excitement of driving a snowmobile through the Arctic evening whilst searching for the elusive Northern Lights. The snowmobile experience starts directly outside the Igloo Hotel at Sorrisniva. The snowmobile guide oversees the experience and you will follow a prepared snowmobile track in the area. Ends with a refreshing ice drink when back at Sorrisniva.

Igloo Room overnight. Explore the contrast between staying in the cold and the cosy sleeping bag that keeps you nice and warm during the night. Feel the silence and serenity surrounding you. The entire hotel is built every winter with natural snow and ice in a truly sustainable manner. It then melts in springtime when the temperatures rise. The Igloo suites are designed and crafted by ice sculptors with a special artistic theme developed each winter. They are fully crafted from ice blocks with an extra-large ice bed covered with an insulated mattress and reindeer hides with ice furniture. The Igloo Hotel itself has a warm building with restaurant, bar, small lockers, sauna, living room, showers and restrooms. Enjoy a 5-course dinner at MAKU Restaurant.

Day 3 Husky Safari

Enjoy a morning Sauna. After breakfast check out, store your luggage in the luggage room and get ready for Husky Sledding day trip. The trail passes through typical Arctic terrain including snowy woods and the open Vidda (Finnmark plateau). You will have lunch in an old earthen cottage or in the open with your husky team. You may have the opportunity to view the Alta Canyon and see a range of the local wildlife. Two guests share one sled, and a stop will be made halfway through for the guests to take turns driving. Learn about the kennels preparation for the Finnmarksløpet, the world's Northern most sled Husky race. Return to Sorrisniva. Tonight enjoy an 8-course dinner at MAKU Restaurant and accommodation in a River Room at the Arctic Wilderness Lodge.

Day 4 Sorrisniva - Alta Departure

Shared transfer to Alta Airport. End of arrangements.

2024-2025 departures: daily from 19 December - early April


The Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is built each year by local artists and builders using natural snow and ice that is harvested a nearby lake. The Igloo Hotel opens on 20 December.

The order of the excursions may alter according to the day of the week your arrangements start.

Snowmobile Safaris: To drive a snowmobile you must have a valid driving licence and be 18 years of age, or over. All single travellers must drive their own snowmobile solo.

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