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Greenland travel, tours and cruises

Disko Bay, Greenland © Shutterstock


Greenland is a vast Arctic land of ice and snow, a powerful place of adventure. Visit the astonishing icebergs and moving glaciers, search for other unique arctic wildlife, sail the world's biggest icefjord and enjoy the stunning scenery

Tour Category Duration Season Departure

Round trip to Kangerlussuaq, Disko Island, Ilulissat, and Eqi
Independent 12 Days Summer Jun - Aug

Kangerlussuaq, Nuuk and Ilulissat
Escorted 8 Days Summer Jun - Aug

Kangerlussuaq, Nuuk and Ilulissat
Escorted 8 days Summer May

Kangerlussuaq and Ilulissat in autumn and early winter
Independent, Northern Lights 8 days Winter Sep - Dec

Grand journey through West Greenland
Escorted 15 Days Summer Jun - Aug

Hiking, glacier trek, boat around the icecap & more
Escorted 15 days Summer Jul - Aug

Combine walks and hikes, with sightseeing and culture
Escorted 8 days Summer Jun - Sep

Magnificent Ilulissat Ice Fjord, West Greenland
Independent 4 or 5 days Summer Jun - Sep

Excursions, walks and hikes with comfortable hotel accommodation
Escorted 8 days Summer Jun - Sep

Ilulissat (West Greenland), Iceland & the Faroe Islands
Independent 13 days Summer Jun - Aug

Kangerlussuaq and Ilulissat, the two towns of ice
Independent 7 days Summer Jun - Sep

Expedition Voyage along the West Coast of Greenland from Reykjavik
Cruises, Escorted 16 days Summer Jun - Jul

Kangerlussuaq, Sisimiut and Ilulissat, plus Ilimanaq Lodge
Independent 8 Days Summer Jun - Aug
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