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Greenland is a vast Arctic land of ice and snow, a powerful place of adventure. Visit the astonishing icebergs and moving glaciers, search for other unique arctic wildlife, sail the world's biggest icefjord and enjoy the stunning scenery. Visit historic Viking settlements and villages of gaily painted timber cottages, to learn about local life and culture. Or seek the Northern Lights, try dog sledding, or marvel at the panoramic views of the inland ice cap, which covers 80% of this massive island.


The capital city of Nuuk is located on Greenland’s Southwest coast and is a charming town with its traditional brightly coloured houses. Visit the National Museum and see the Qilakitsok mummies, Our Saviours Church, the Parliament Atlantic harbour and Katuaq Cultural Centre.


Take a guided walking tour along the UNESCO designated Ilulissat Ice Fjord to Sermermiut to see the icebergs. Or travel by boat to Rodebay to the Hunters’ Settlement of Rodebay 20km north of Ilulissat near Disko the island to the Hunters’ Settlement of Ilimanaq where you will see massive icebergs at the mouth of the Ilulissat icefjord.


Visit Kangerlussuaq Museum to learn about this town’s history when it was a U.S. airbase during World War II. Take a 4 wheel drive tour to the Inland Ice Cap, travel to the wilderness to see the musk oxen and reindeer, or hike to Sugar Loaf Mountain.


Travel across the ice-filled Bredefjord to the impressive Twin Glaciers or take a hike along the Dyrnæs Peninsula and stop at the non-excavated Viking ruin or take a hike Kvanefjeldet mountain which is known for its variety of minerals.


Travel by boat to Erik's Fjord and visit the sheep breeding settlement of Qassiarsuk, the viking ruins and Thorhildur's church. See the Qooroq Glacier with its beautiful icebergs and get up close to the calving glacier. Try some kayaking in Iceberg Bay amongst the icebergs.


Travel through the Hvalsey Fjord and around the Arpatsivik Island to Hvalsey to see the church ruins. Visit the hot springs in Uunartoq, the Inland Ice Cap and Twin Glaciers or spend time with a local family to hear about their culture.

There a number of ways to explore this mighty country and you can select your ideal tour type. You may prefer to be part of a group, travelling by coach on an Escorted tour or on a Partially guided tour, where your overnight accommodation is pre-booked and each excursion is guided – the remainder of the time you’re free to do as you choose.

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